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Ethyl Bromide

Ethyl Bromide is known as 74-96-4, Monobromoethane, Bromic ether, ethyl bromide, Ethane, bromo-, 1-Bromoethane, Hydrobromic ether, Bromure d'ethyle, ethylbromide with Molecular Formula of C2H5Br and Molecular Weight of 108.9651. It is manufactured through mixture of hydrogen bromide, ethyl alcohol, sulfuric acid, phosphorus and bromine method or through reaction of ethane with sulfur trioxide and potassium bromide.

Available in colorless to yellow liquid form with ether like odor, it comes with Boiling Point of 38.2°C, Melting Point of -119°C, Density/Specific Gravity of 1.4612 @ 20°C/4°C, Heat of Combustion of -1.2844X10+9 J/kmol, Heat of Vaporization of 3.3377X10+7 J/kmol @ -118.45°C. Further, it has miscible solubility in chloroform, org solvents, alcohol and ether.

Minimum Order Quantity: 250kg

Formula CH3CH2Br
Parameter Result
Chemical name Bromo ethane
Molecular weight 108.98
Assay ( by Gc ) 99.4404 %
Specific Gravity 1.45-1.46 at 20°C temp
Physical appearance Colourless white liquid
Boiling point 38°C to 39°C

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N-Butyl Bromide

N-Butyl Bromide is known as Bromobutane, 109-65-9, n-Butylbromide, 1-Bromobutane, Butane, 1-bromo-, 1-Butyl bromide, 1-BROMO-BUTANE, N-BUTYL BROMIDE with Molecular Formula of C4H9Br and Molecular Weight of 137.01826. It is prepared from n-butyl alcohol and hydrobromic-sulfuric acid mixture and is available in form of colorless to pale straw-colored liquid.

The properties include Boiling Point of 101.3°C at 760 mm Hg, Melting Point of -112°C, Density/Specific Gravity of 1.2686 at 25°C/4°C, Heat of Vaporization of 36.64 kJ/mol at 25°C and Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient log Kow = 2.75. Further, it has solubility in carbon tetrachloride; chloroform and water (8.69X10+2 mg/L at 25°C).

Product Name N butyl bromide
Cas No  
Formula CH3CH2CH2CH2Br
TEST Specification
Description Colourless Liquid
Density 25°C 1.268 gm/ml
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol ether
Boiling point 101°C
Assay by G.C NLT 99%
Moisture Content Nmt 0.2%
Other Impurities NMT 1%

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Iso Butyl Bromide

Iso Butyl Bromide is known as 1-bromo-2-methyl-, iso-Butyl bromide, isobutyl bromide, Propane, 78-77-3, Bromoisobutane and comes with Molecular Formula of C4H9Br and Molecular Weight of 137.01826. Its properties include Rotatable Bond Count of 1, Exact Mass of 135.988762, MonoIsotopic Mass of 135.988762, Heavy Atom Count of 5 and Covalently-Bonded Unit Count of 1. Further, its other properties include Feature 3D Hydrophobe Count of 2, Effective Rotor Count of 1, Conformer Sampling RMSD of 0.4 and CID Conformer Count of 1.

Product Name  Iso butyl bromide
Formula (CH3)2CH2CH2Br
Appearance colourless
For. Weight 137. 01
Solubility 0. 6 g/l
Density 1. 26
Boiling point 91. 5°C
Water Content less than 0. 5 %
ND20 1. 435
Flesh point 18°C
Physical state clear liquid
pH nil
Purity by glc 98. 5%

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Iso Amyl Bromide

Iso Amyl Bromide is known as 3-Methylbutanol, 3-Methylbutan-1-ol, as Isoamyl alcohol, 3-Methyl-1-butanol, Isopentanol, Isobutylcarbinol, Isoamylol, 1-Butanol with Molecular Formula of C5H12O and Molecular Weight of 88.14818. It is manufactured from isobutylene using oxo process as well as from light petroleum through fractional distillation. Available in oily, clear liquid/colorless liquid form, it has a characteristic, disagreeable odor with s pungent, repulsive taste.

Some of its properties include Boiling Point of 132.5°C, Melting Point of-117.2°C, Critical Temperature and Pressure Critical temperature of 307°K and Density/Specific Gravity of 0.813 @ 15°C/4°c. Further, it has solubility in acetone and water (2.67X10+4 mg/l @ 25°c).

Certificate of analysis
Product Iso amyl bromide
Formula (CH3)2CHCH2CH2Br
Tests limit Description colourless liquid
Density 20 c 1. 220gm/ml
Solubility Immiscible with water soluble in alcohol & ether
Boiling point 121°C
Assay GC 99 % w/w
Moisture content 0. 2 % max
Other impurities 1 % max

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N-Octyl Bromide

N-Octyl Bromide is known as Octane, 1-bromo-, 111-83-1, 1-Octylbromide, n-Octyl bromide, Octyl bromide, 1-Bromo octane, bromooctane and have Molecular Formula of C8H17Br and Molecular Weight of 193.12458. Its other properties include Exact Mass of 192.051363, MonoIsotopic Mass of 192.051363, Complexity of 43.8, Covalently-Bonded Unit Count of 1, Feature 3D Hydrophobe Count of 4 and Effective Rotor Count of 6.

Product name N-Octyl bromide
Molecular formula CH3(CH2)5CH2Br
Tests Standard
Colour Colourless liquid
Density 1. 108 w/w
Moisture 0. 5 % max
Boiling point 200°C
Purity 99 % min

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Phosphorus Tribromide

Phosphorus Tribromide is known as 7789-60-8, Phosphorous bromide, PBr3, Phosphorous tribromide, Tribromophosphine, Phosphorus(III) bromide, Phosphorus bromide (PBr3) and comes with Molecular Formula of Br3P and Molecular Weight of 270.685762. These come in form of fuming colorless liquid/pale yellow liquid with penetrating odor with Boiling Point of 173.2°C and Melting Point of -41.5°C. being highly corrosive to most metals except lead & nickel, these also feature Density/Specific Gravity of 2.852 at 15°C, Heat of Vaporization of 38.9 kJ/mol and has solubility with acetone, carbon disulfide, water, ethanol and hydrogen sulfide.

Test Standard
Product Name Phosphorus Tribromide
Cas Number 7789-60-8
Formula Br3P
Formula Weight 270.7
Colour Colourless to pale yellow fuming liquid
Soluble Soluble in Alcohol, Chloroform
Density 2.855 w/w
Residue 0.5% Maximum
Boiling Point Range 163°C-165°C
Assay 99% Minimum

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